Ode to Joy

Ninety Farms

Earth Day, designated as April 22nd each year, represents something uniquely different to each and every one of us. Whether it’s appreciation for open space, clean air to breathe, or fresh food to nourish ourselves, whatever your view, there’s much to be grateful for.

If you’re immersed in the Pacific Northwest’s food community, you may be aware of Linda Neunzig and the significance of the work she is doing as a farmer and as Snohomish County’s Agricultural Coordinator. Her joyful laugh and unwavering commitment as a single mom and farmer, demonstrate her passion about providing local food and productive farm land for generations to come. We are blessed and fortunate to have her leadership, activism and continued support to ourselves, our community and the planet Earth.

We’re passionate about Linda and her work, and know you will be too, as she shares her story on Sisters Talk Radio show. Please join us on Friday April 19th, 2:00pm Pacific time, for our conversation with Linda and Mona in honor of Earth Day.



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