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What should we have for dinner?

By visiting the Chefs Pantries at check out John’s recipe suggestions and selected ingredients – how much easier could dinner be?

Best Idea Ever – Cash Mob

Best Idea Ever – Cash Mob

I told the story of the Cash Mob to my wife this morning. I could be totally off-base on this one (I’m not going to research it and pretend like I knew this time) but here’s how it goes… One day, a group of friends in NY found out that a local convenience store, Hercules […]

A Little, Green Sprout of a Blog

There comes a time in the life of every business where a corner is turned. It’s the time when that business turns deeply inward, furrows its collective brow, and asks the hardest question it possibly can… “Should we be blogging?” I write blogs, build blogs, read blogs, and talk to people about blogs and, still, […]