A Little, Green Sprout of a Blog

We live in a world with amazing people doing amazing things. Sometimes we read about them or see them on TV or hear them on the radio. More often than not they are standing right next to us on the street – living their life and doing incredible things. This is the place where we share stories of giving from some of our friends — some are new friends, some we've known for years. Their stories are like recipes for life — recipes for giving. They remind us everyday what a wonderful world this is and that we all are amazing.

There comes a time in the life of every business where a corner is turned. It’s the time when that business turns deeply inward, furrows its collective brow, and asks the hardest question it possibly can…

“Should we be blogging?”

I write blogs, build blogs, read blogs, and talk to people about blogs and, still, it’s near impossibly hard to start a blog and write that first post. What do you say? Do you just jump right in and write the first thing on your mind? What if you make commitments you can’t fulfill? The anticipation and the pressure is almost too much to take. Almost.

So, here’s our first post. I could tell you what we’re going to write about (the community of people we’re involved with, stories from small businesses getting it right, our motivation and inspiration, what we’ve done and what we’re planning) or what we’ve got just around the corner (we are putting together a very cool series of known people talking about moments that shaped how they see the world) or how you can get involved (at this point, the best thing to do is to give us your trust and your email address with a promise that we’ll never abuse it).

In the end, the folks that will see this most likely know who we are, know what we do, and already think we’re pretty swell. And, really, that’s who we’re writing for. We’re excited to share our experiences, talk about what keeps us ticking, and showing all sides of ourselves.

Because we love saying it, thank you so much for being here, reading this, and being a part of what we do.


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